Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Living room - cozy and clean

With our current home I went more the Scandi route of a lot of white, and light grey. While pleasing on the eye, it wasn't exactly cozy. This time I am sticking with a palette of warmer creams, taupe, mushroom grey and touches of duck egg blue. I want it to feel warm.

Lamps will be key, lots of them. I'm considering white washing the brick fireplace as the ceiling is a cathedral one, with skylights and wood paneling. The windows are colossal, so I don't think I will "dress' them. The only thing that bothers me about that is having vast black bare windows at night. I have decided to get past that by adding twinkly string lights to the bushes outside, giving a nice warm glow.
Currently there is a gas fireplace, and a wood burning one that was sealed. We will be using that to store wood, and have a wood burning stove installed in the space where the gas one currently is. The floors are a pale pine narrow board right now. I will be having those refinished in a dark warm hickory brown, if budget allows I will put in new wide board hardwoods to match the rest of the houses new flooring.
As we are moving in May, the focus will be on getting the outside right, fencing off the pond, play area for the kiddos, chicken and rabbit coops and hutches etc so I'm not stressing too much about the inside of the house, but it will be good to see it all come together in the Autumn ready for all those chilly Winter nights!

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