Friday, April 1, 2016

boys will be boys -

My boys love super heroes, Minecraft and Lego! Show me a boy that doesn't?! It can be hard to decorate a boys room without logos and brands taking over. I think by working in one color scheme you can get by and end up with a put together look that has a nod to their loves, without it looking like a toy store! Initially my 2 boys were asking for a black painted room, but I think I've convinced them a very dark charcoal or navy is better. I'll be getting them a silver bunk-bed, and probably getting a space themed quilt each. I'm thinking large scale prints of colorful superheros will liven up walls, and some industrial style shelving to display their colorful Lego creations.

The key to keeping a boys room from turning into a cluttered nightmare - is storage! I am loving the black Trofast Ikea has brought out this past year, and an underbed train table with storage is a must. 
Another great idea I've seen a lot lately, is crate wall storage. You can just screw them straight onto your walls, or build a storage display, a whole wall would be amazing too!

The hardest challenge I face is making the room feel appropriate for both a 5 year old and an 11 yr old. I want it to feel fun enough for the youngest but not embarrassing for the eldest when his friends are over. I think by keeping quite a dark color scheme with pops of color and fun, this will be easy to achieve. Don't forget to sprinkle some love in there too, a quote sign is the easiest way to express the way you feel about your darling boys!

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