Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Breezeway days

So one of the "rooms" I'm most excited about, isn't actually a room. We have a screened in breezeway between the house and garages, with skylights and a terracotta floor. Currently it's painted the same colour as the house. I'd like to paint it a warm creamy white to brighten the space. Then you have to have a haint blue ceiling! The old Southern tale says haints, or evil spirits, won't pass over water, so people would paint the ceilings of their porches a light blue green. It's also supposed to encourage any wayward mosquitos or wasps to head upward instead of biting you! I love the story, and I love the colour even more!

I want to swap the existing fan for a galvanized looking one, and goose-neck lights on the walls. I love that they bring a farmhouse feel without being too gaudy.

I'm a little obsessed with a hanging day bed, but not sure how I could work it in without it overwhelming the space. Might have to save that idea for when we extend the front porch at a later date. The owners are leaving us some very dated furniture. My plan is to chalk paint it all and recover the cushions with some outdoor fabric. Then there will be cafe lights strung in a zig zag on the ceiling and voila! This is the entry most people will use, so I plan on this being the first room I tackle. I can't wait to see it transform.

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